Examples Of Melbourne Property Valuation

Examples Of Melbourne Property Valuation

So it’s going to be pare-share basis so if you happen to have a total value you always have to divide that with the total number of Winnie trust shares issue as at first of January and that’s going to give us equal in marks now part of unquestioning intense to make an offer the going intense to make an offer for Whitney truck based on a share for share swap the missus share.

For shakes change Melbourne Property Valuers the min new shares will be issued in burg only to take over all the shares Vinny troika the going will exchange one of its shares for two of the neat Russia’s so that is the offer that is the basis of exchange has already been established in this particular question now the next thing we want to see here is Wilbur gonna share will be happy and will need threshold.

will be happy but this question is concentrating in part c what will you look for before you decide to accept the offer by beginning them is Vinny from shareholders point of view anyway coming back down here assuming bony can maintain now this is the assumption that i wanted to highlight but going can maintain its earnings rating is another name for PE ratio at . calculate coming calculate.

The percentage game that has to be in percentage game in equity value that will be owned by both the group’s off-the-shoulder so this is going to give us eight months now this is going to be your poles acquisition valuation and how old that make the equity value go up three acquisition now part C of the question is going to be what factors should the Nitrate shareholders consider before.

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